To execute projects by taking adequate safety measures, by providing safe working conditions, by promoting safety awareness among workers.
The Safety policy will be displayed at prominent places in English & local language to make under stand by every common working force.
Our safety policy ensures that we are keeping the safety within from the person heading the firm and we ensure that all the safety requirements are taken care at the time of execution of project. This ensures that importance of safety is transformed to all right from the Top Management.
From our esteemed clients we have learnt to be committed to address the associated environmental, health and safety effects of all our project services and to meet the requirements of our Clients.
  • Comply with all the applicable legislation and regulations and work with authorities, customers and communities to enhance environmental performance;
  • Reduce the material and energy consumption whenever practicable;
  • Ensure the noise levels comply with the statutory requirements;
  • Provide a safe and conducive working environment and educate, train, communicate and motivate our employees to enable them to conduct their activities in a competent, safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Management is responsible for safety;
  • All accidents and injuries are preventable;
  • Safety is a condition of employment;
  • Employees are trained to work safely;
  • Safety audits are conducted in the workplace;
  • People are the critical component of Health & Safety programs.
  • Policy of the company in the special purpose shall also be accounted to implement in site during execution.